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RÉFÉRENCE : VIE/108254/222018


détail de l'offre

du 01 juin 2018 au 01 juin 2019 (pour 12 mois)
REMUNERATION MENSUELLE : 2822€ (indemnité non contractuelle fixée par décret et arrêté, dont le montant peut varier notamment en
fonction de l’évolution du barème de référence, de la localisation de la mission et des cas d’abattements prévus par les textes)

Ipsen is a dynamic and growing global specialty-driven biopharmaceutical company focused on innovation and specialty care, and with a rich heritage in consumer healthcare.

We aim to make a sustainable difference by significantly improving patients’ health and quality of life and providing them with effective therapeutic solutions for unmet medical needs through differentiated and innovative medicines in oncology, neurosciences and rare diseases.

The patient is at the heart of everything we do, and we also care for our employees because they are the ambassadors who truly make the difference. We attract and develop bold, agile, entrepreneurial individuals who take full ownership of their decisions leaders drawn by a purpose to make a direct impact through their work in people’s lives.

We offer employees a wealth of fulfilling challenges & growth opportunities, and the chance to contribute within a fast-moving organisation, that is genuinely game-changing.

Poste et missions:

Managed by the Director Digital Biometry, he / she will reinforce the US part of Digital Biometry team in order to ensure timely delivery of in silico clinical trials results. In this context, he/ she will bring additional skills and views in the modeling & simulation approaches adopted by the team.
In addition, he/ she will bring further link between the US and France part of the team to ensure continuous exchanges and cross-fertilization.

Related to building of Digital Biometry team:
- Collaborate pro-actively with each member, including across US and France, within Digital Biometry team to contribute to the alignment and coordination within the team
- Collaborate with pragmatism and didacticism with Therapeutic Areas and big data / It teams
- Be bold sharing past experiences and know-how to instill dynamism and “think out of the box” behaviour within the team
- Maintain a good network of contacts within his/her sphere of competencies to fuel team ideas / technologies
- Challenge positively each team member, including managers, to contribute to ensure that the team will deliver high standard quality deliverables
- Act in everything he / she does with the norms and values of the team: accountability, trust, transparency, timely delivery, results-orientation, sense of urgency, pragmatism

Related to specific implementation of in silico clinical trials:

- Contribute to the definition of concrete, realistic but ambitious quick wins to showcase team capabilities
- Be innovative, pragmatic and source of proposals when it comes to develop methodologies to implement in silico clinical trials
- Use his/ her scientific and / or modelling & simulation skills and / or biostatistical skills to support the team and current deliverables
- Collaborate with pragmatism and didacticism with Therapeutic Areas
- Interact with IT to implement the right tools / processes and coordinate with Digital / Big data platform

Related to processes and recommendations:

- Perform new technologies intelligence and adapt to them as appropriate
- Ability to manage projects: plan activities and tasks, identify project constraints and dependencies, identify and mitigate risks, report on project status, produce progress metrics and communicate efficiently within the team, with big data team and with Therapeutic Areas
- Ability to produce high quality, accurate work to meet deadlines
- Ability to interact satisfactorily with staff of differing disciplines
- Responsible, flexible and accountable with a pro-active approach

- Ideal: previous experience in pharmaceutical industry or biotech area (2 years), with direct work on drug development programs & clinical data environment. Previous experience of working in modeling & simulation environment and data aggregation challenge will definitively be a plus. Knowledge of molecular biology / genetic concepts
Minimum: An internship in pharmaceutical industry or biotech area (2 years)

- Qualification:
Ideal: Life Science/Mathematics graduate with a relevant higher degree (MSc or PhD)
Minimum: MSc
Language: English fluent, French

- Technical competencies:
Knowledge of Statistics, modeling & simulation or data aggregation applied to clinical studies will be definitively a plus
Ability to work into a multidisciplinary environment under time pressure
Advanced notions of working in an iterative development mode / project management

- Internal and external contacts (organization):
Internal contacts: Digital Biometry, Global Biometry, IT (big data), Therapeutic AREAS
External contacts: External vendors, Scientific Experts, Statistical Experts, Consultants

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Le visa requis dans le cadre d’une mission VIE est en effet soumis à des conditions de formation et/ou d’expérience

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Publiée le 02 février 2018
Activités en entreprises

profil candidat

Nb de poste à pourvoir : 1

Expérience souhaitée : 24 mois

Niveau d'étude demandé : Bac + 5 et plus

Langue : Anglais , Français , Anglais

Domaines de compétences : Biotechnologies , Chimie - Génie Chimique , Modélisation et Méthodes Informatiques , Sciences de la Vie (biologie, génétique…) , Statistiques

Filière d'étude : MASTER , MIAGE

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