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RÉFÉRENCE : VIE/106881/212018


détail de l'offre

CHINE (Hong-Kong)
du 01 juin 2018 au 01 décembre 2019 (pour 18 mois)
REMUNERATION MENSUELLE : 2785€ (indemnité non contractuelle fixée par décret et arrêté, dont le montant peut varier notamment en
fonction de l’évolution du barème de référence, de la localisation de la mission et des cas d’abattements prévus par les textes)

Your Environment

At Societe Generale, you will be joining the Information Technology division of Global Banking & Investors Solutions (GBIS), one of the three pillars of SG that brings together Corporate and Investment Banking activities, Private Banking activities, Asset Management and Investor Services.Every day our teams are ensuring that we deliver the service our businesses need to compete and serve Societe Generale's clients. Our objective is to deliver great production services in a well controlled and cost effective way, and to deliver competitive application systems that allow GBIS to grow its business in existing and new markets, launch new products and take advantage of new opportunities when they arise.

The VIE will be part of the ITEC/MKT/EMM Department, which is composed of about 50 people focusing on Electronic Trading Information Technology in the Asia Pacific region.

Within ITEC/MKT/EMM, the successful candidate will be part of the Market Access Development team (based in HK), in charge of developing and maintaining a wide range of in-house electronic trading solutions, spanning from order management and market data systems, to risk management & trading tools.

Your role

During your VIE mission, as Software Developer, you will have to :
Build proximity with clients and have a good understanding of business needs
Study new business & IT requests (understand user needs, suggest solutions , etc)
Be proactive by proposing enhancements from which the business/IT can benefit
Design and implement the necessary system changes in a short feedback loop
Build quality into our software through extensive and automatic testing and continuous build
Communicate with Exchanges & Brokers, assess the impact of their system or API changes
Continuous technical upgrade of our setup
Building new Order gateways, Market Data gateways, Pre-Trade Risk Control systems.
Maintain & enhance the existing Electronic Market Access platform
Depending on the projects you will work on, focus will be on building systems to develop more complex business or risk control capabilities; on extending our setup by building Order & Market Data gateways for new markets; or on providing lower-latency solutions
In each of the teams some modules will use modern C++ code & features while some others are using more legacy code

During your VIE mission, as Scrum Team Member, you will have to :
Part of an Agile/Continuous Delivery/DevOps feature team (the Electronic Market Access team is organized in different Features Teams aligned to different businesses), organized around sprints following the Scrum methodology
Participate in the various Scrum meetings as a cross-functional & cross-component team member, but also expected to be able to play the role of Scrum master alternatively with other members of the team
Contribute actively to the Continuous Delivery through development of automatic testing, continuous build & automatic deployment improvements
Accompany the production team on supporting the applications by sharing knowledge, improving support tools, discussing code changes, assisting them on incident resolution

The VIE assignment in a nutshell

This VIE in Hong Kong is to begin as soon as possible but you need to plan 3 months between your application date and the beginning of your VIE assignment. It will last 18 months.

The VIE is a specific contract, under Business France’s eligibility criteria, opened to candidates under 28 and from the member states of the European Economic Space. For further information, please see .

Your profile
Graduated from Engineering school, Business School or University with a master degree in computer science.

Experience in financial industry and in C++ will be a plus.

You are fluent in English.

You are proficient with Pack Office and coding process.

Your career path
You may have the opportunity to join Société Générale group permanently after your VIE mission, according to opportunities, without going through the whole recruitment process again.
To facilitate the examination of your application by our English-speaking managers, we thank you for applying in English.

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Publiée le 02 janvier 2018
de Hong-Kong
Activités en entreprises

profil candidat

Nb de poste à pourvoir : 1

Expérience souhaitée : 6 mois

Niveau d'étude demandé : Bac + 5 et plus

Langue : Anglais

Domaines de compétences : Informatique (micro) , Informatique de réseaux , Systèmes d'information , Informatique

Filière d'étude : Diplôme Universitaire , Ecole d'Ingénieur , Ecole Supérieure de Commerce , MASTER

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