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RÉFÉRENCE : VIE/102288/2102017


détail de l'offre

du 01 avril 2018 au 01 octobre 2018 (pour 6 mois)
REMUNERATION MENSUELLE : 2625€ (indemnité non contractuelle fixée par décret et arrêté, dont le montant peut varier notamment en
fonction de l’évolution du barème de référence, de la localisation de la mission et des cas d’abattements prévus par les textes)

Numberly is a CRM programmatic expert owned by 1000mercis Group, a NYSE Alternext-listed company. Our main objective is to help advertisers leverage their CRM assets through programmatic media buying, from data collection (DMP and onboarding) to data activation.

Numberly is dedicated to innovation, with 12 % of revenue invested in R&D (Machine Learning and Quantitative Marketing). With 400 employees, spanning more than 20 citizenships, across offices in Palo Alto, New York, London, Dubai and Paris, numberly offers an open-minded, dynamic and fast growing environment.

Visit to learn more.


1000mercis is looking for an operational eCRM Project Manager to join its team in Dubai.
Are you the one who organizes nights out and holidays with your friends?
Do you like finding solutions to problems?
Do you hate staying still for more than 30 minutes?
Are you looking for a job in the fast pace world of the web and new technologies, where human contact is essential?
Then you are an operational eCRM Project Manager!

A true maestro, the department of operational eCRM Project Managers is positioned between the marketing, graphic, emailing development, and database and statistics teams.

Orientated towards internal production, project managers are the driving force behind project progress. In charge of schedules as well as quality, they must be extremely rigorous in order to anticipate questions and aspects linked to the production development aspect of these projects.

The different projects entail not only the management of simple or complex emailing campaigns, the implementation of data flow between different data bases but also the development of internal projects in order to improve the efficiency of teams (software, process, tools…) and a performance review of 1000mercis clients’ eCRM devices.

=> Fluent english is required for this job and some knowledge of an arabic language is a plus.

Duration : 6-12 months
Fields covered : project management, scheduling, operational marketing, direct marketing, database management, new technologies
Status : VIE
Start date: ASAP, an immersion period in Paris or London (ideally both) before joining the team in Dubai
Where : Dubai


A crossroad for all teams, and in contact with an array of different professions (technical, marketing, creative…) the project manager is capable of exchanging with everyone as well as explaining projects and issues encountered. Curious, the project manager likes to learn fast and understands how things work whether that be on a technical or marketing level.

Lively, fast and adaptable, the work requires strong organizational skills. The project manager is a facilitator and a problem solver for teams and projects.

A natural leader yet modest, one must be able to take a step back if their implication in the project is not necessary for it to be carried out successfully.

Pedagogue and diplomatic, the project manager teaches and trains speakers in order to constantly improve quality.

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Publiée le 02 octobre 2017
de Dubai
Activités en entreprises

profil candidat

Nb de poste à pourvoir : 1

Expérience souhaitée : 6 mois

Niveau d'étude demandé : Bac + 5 et plus

Langue : Anglais , Arabe

Domaines de compétences : NTIC , Gestion de Projets , Systèmes d'information , Internet - multimédia , Marketing

Filière d'étude : MASTER , Ecole d'Ingénieur , MIAGE , MBA , MASTERE

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