Profile sought

People interested in banking, finance and in insurance, willing to assume different positions and international mobility throughout their career.

Internship / Job Opportunities

- 4,000 open-ended contracts principally in retail banking, with emphasis on cross-cutting functions (general inspection, finance, risk, information systems, etc.) and support functions (management control, marketing, etc.).
- 6,000 internships and summer jobs and 3,500 work-study contracts in all our business sectors (retail banking, insurance, asset management, private banking, corporate and investment banking, consumer credit, leasing and factoring, etc.) and in all Group cross-cutting functions (management control, human resources, marketing, etc.).
- International internships, open-ended contracts, expatriate assignments, consulting assignments and 200 annual places on the French international corporate volunteer scheme (VIE) across all five continents.
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Selection/Recruitment Process

If your application is chosen, you may be asked to complete our online reasoning tests. If you pass, you will be called for interview with an operations manager.
Candidates interviewing for a VIE will then be assessed by the Group human resources department, and may be asked to fill out a personality questionnaire.
They will receive a final answer when this process is complete.


The Crédit Agricole Group is market leader in customer-centric universal banking in France and one of the largest banking groups in Europe.

Founded on cooperative and mutualist values, Crédit Agricole has focused on achieving balanced growth to serve the real economy and cater to its 52 million customers and 140,000 employees.

The Group now operates in 52 countries worldwide, supporting its customers’ plans across the entire retail banking spectrum and in the related specialised businesses.


Crédit Agricole pays special attention to the functional and geographic mobility of its employees.
This is greatly facilitated but the Group's worldwide reach and the diversity of its businesses and entities.

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