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Conditions of the French International Internship Programme

Anyone aged over 18 and under 28 at the time they register can apply to be an international intern.

The latest your assignment can start is on the day of your 29th birthday. No exceptions can be made.

You must have French or European nationality (i.e. be a national of a Member State of the European Economic Area, which includes the 28 Member States of the European Union including Norway, Iceland, Lichtenstein and Monaco).

You must have fully complied with any national service obligations in your country of origin.

You must be entitled to your full rights as a citizen and have no criminal record. You must meet the physical aptitude test required for people carrying out the same activities in the host organisation.

Once selected you must:


- have a medical check-up performed by a doctor accredited by the A.R.S. (regional health agency) in the month before you start your assignment (the official medical fitness check-up will be included in the final dossier sent by email and by Business France).


- have any vaccinations required to enter your assignment country.

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