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Host organisations for the French International Internship Programme in an Administration

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development (MAEDI)


Embassies (diplomatic chancelleries) and Consulates


- press service: around a dozen positions are available for applicants with the following profiles: “Science-Po” (political science)/Communication (Celsa)/Webmaster (editorial)


- IT professionals: around thirty positions are available for applicants with experience of networks and who are able to provide IT training to embassy staff


- doctors: medical doctors or junior doctors; ideally the applicant would have a speciality in tropical medicine: around thirty assignments are available for applicants mainly in Africa and Asia.


- cooks/stewards: two years of higher education in catering and expereince working in a restaurant is required


- architects: a few assignments are available for Public Works engineers and architects


- careers consultants for HR and sociology applicants


- archivists and documentalists


- administrative and accounting positions



Cultural Service and Scientific and Technical Cooperation


These internships often concern positions such as an official representative or an assistant to the cultural advisor and/or scientific advisor, which require general skills (e.g. "Sciences-Po" political science) or scientific skills (engineer or a graduate helping to implement a scientific and technical cooperation programmes or carrying out scientific intelligence missions).



Cultural Centres and Institutes and Alliances Françaises


The required skills are very varied but tend to be focused on communication, events planning, graphics (4 years of higher education) and especially teachers/cultural officers (Masters 1 or 2 in French as a foreign language in order to teach French) and pedagogy managers, etc. 


Technical assistant positions in local foreign organisations 


The required skills are also very varied: legal, media, audio-visual, humanitarian, economics, aeronautics, space, nuclear, archaeology, etc. 


Specific cases of internships in quasi-public French organisations 

These organisations have signed an agreement with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development requiring them to comply with the conditions and rules set out by the law dated 14 March 2000 and the decree dated 30 November 2000 in terms of the availability of Civil Volunteers; currently this concerns IRD, CEA, AFD, CIRAD, the Ecole Française d’ Athènes, etc.. Around sixty positions are offered via the French Ministry for Foreign Affairs. 


Specific cases of scientist-researchers working in public foreign laboratories and universities

Students and young graduates wishing to participate in a research project overseas can do so as part of the French International Internship Programme. However, the host organisation must be a university laboratory or a foreign public institute or one recognised by the Government or an international research organisation of which France is a stakeholder (e.g. CERN).



The Direction Générale du Trésor - DG Trésor (Frencg General Directorate of the Treasury)


DG Trésor, the Ministry of the Economy, Industry and Digital Affairs - Ministry of External Trade recruits and manages International Interns assigned to economic departments in Embassies and overseas French chambers of commerce and industry (C.C.I.F.E.); DG Trésor also manages V.I.A. interns recruited by Business France to work in its overseas offices.


International Interns under the authority of the DG Trésor can be assigned to:


- an Economic Department in a French Embassy, 

- a Business France Office, 

- a French chamber of commerce and industry operating overseas (C.C.I.F.E.).


DG Trésor posts its offers on the CIVI website. It recruits V.I.A. interns directly from the pool of applicants registered on CIVI; make sure you have uploaded your dossier to be considered. Applicants should not directly apply to the Economic Departments of embassies, Business France Offices or chambers of commerce.

Around 150 assignments are offered every year (i.e. around a dozen per month). Assignments in chambers of commerce only represent 5% of the current portfolio of assignments. There are three types of positions: 


Sovereign: economists, financiers, lawyers, IT experts, specialised engineers (sustainable development, telecommunications, infrastructures/Public Works, transport) and official representatives. You would be responsible for monitoring these business sectors and producing studies and analyses for French administrations. These positions are intended for I.E.P. (political science) graduates or graduates from universities or higher education institutes specialising in economics and finance (E.N.S.A.E., etc.).


Sales: in addition to informing French exporters about possible business opportunities and helping them set up in the country, you will be required to form special relations with local stakeholders working in your sector and gather commercial and economic intelligence. These types of positions are offered to graduates from business schools, "Institut d'Etudes Politiques - I.E.P." (political science) or universities specialising in international trade and management as well as to general or more specialised engineers (e.g. agronomics, electronics, telecommunications, Public Works, transport, etc.).


IT expert: this person is responsible for monitoring the application of the IT policy. He/she trains users how to use new software and manages the stock of IT equipment. These types of positions are offered to people with 2 or 3 years of higher education (D.U.T., I.U.T., IT schools, etc.).

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