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  • A.P.E.C. : Association for the Employment of Executives

    A.P.E.C. offers practical information and advice to evaluate, assess and implement your expatriation projects. There are specific sections to help you find a job abroad, inform you about the formalities to be completed, the various statuses, etc. It offers several services to help you find out more about companies before accepting a job offer, preparing for an interview or composing an unsolicited application.


  • C.I.R.A.D. : French Agricultural Research and International Cooperation Organization

    French scientific organization specialized in agricultural research applied to hot regions, each year C.I.R.A.D. welcomes several dozen International Interns (V.I.). Its purpose is to contribute to the rural development of tropical and subtropical countries.


  • C.L.O.N.G. : N.G.O Liaison Committee

    Ensures the national coordination of French N.G.O.s for international solidarity. Contact them if you are interested in humanitarian work. Website:

  • C.C.I. : Chambers of Commerce and Industry

    They inform, support and advise companies in their area that wish to approach international markets. The C.C.I. directories are a continually updated economic and legal database, providing information on companies established in the region or French "département" in question. 


  • C.S.N. : National Service Volunteer

    Voluntary National Service was the precursor to International Volunteering. Young people obligated to perform military service could undertake a non-military national service for 16 months within a French company abroad, an embassy, an approved public or semi-public local organization, an N.G.O. or an international organization. The last volunteers under this scheme returned in November 2002.

  • D.G.T. : General Directorate of the Treasury

    Within the Ministry of the Economy and Finance, it is in charge of recruiting International Interns in an Administration (V.I.A.) posted on economic assignments and to French chambers of commerce abroad.


  • E.E.I. : International Job Center

    The International Job Center offers services to applicants and employers in the fields of employment and of European and international mobility for jobs situated outside of France. 


  • E.I.C. : Euro Info Centres

    They circulate legal and European community information, national regulations of the Member States of the EU and third-party countries, sources of financing abroad.


  • I.R.D. : Research Institute for Development

    A semi-public organization that can accommodate international interns, the purpose of the I.R.D. is to develop scientific projects centered on relations between man and his environment in the intertropical zone.

  • M.E.A.E. : Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development

    It manages around a thousand International Intern positions. The Human Resources Division (PLD/V.I. department) advertises vacancies, selects applicants, sets in motion and carries out the administrative management of International Interns in an Administration (V.I.A.) under the responsibility of MEAE. Unsolicited applications are not accepted. Only applications submitted in response to a specific vacancy are taken into account.


  • France Partnership: association that brings together 35 of the largest French groups

    Its purpose is to develop the technique of helping SMEs to integrate foreign markets using the experience and resources of a large company. In certain cases it can provide SMEs that wish to send International Interns in a Company (V.I.E.) abroad with on-site logistical and operational support.


  • S.V.E. : European Voluntary Service

    The European Voluntary Service aims to encourage the mobility of young people aged 17 to 30 and allows you to participate in a project in the interest of the general public abroad of between two weeks and two months for a short-term S.V.E. for vulnerable or at-risk young people and from two months to twelve months for a long-term S.V.E., and to undergo a formative experience, develop active citizenship and show proof of solidarity, discover another culture, another language, etc.


  • Business France : French Agency for the International Development of Companies

    Public institution responsible for providing information to exporters, promoting French technologies abroad and managing the French International Internship Programme in a Company (V.I.E.) procedure. Business France is the contact for companies and ensures administrative and legal management of appointed V.I.E. interns. Young people seeking a position should however contact the CIVI (Special Information Centre responsible for promoting the V.I. Programme).

  • U.C.C.I.F.E. : Union of French Chambers of Commerce and Industry Abroad

    It brings together the 113 French chambers of commerce and industry abroad, which constitute the primary French private network of companies worldwide. An association of French companies abroad, the C.C.I.F.E.s promote business between France and foreign countries. The website sometimes has promotions offering a free consultation for companies that are members of the French Chambers of Commerce and Industry Abroad.


  • V.C.A.T. : Civil Volunteering in Technical Assistance

    Civil Volunteering in Technical Assistance (V.C.A.T.) is a French system that provides European Union citizens with the opportunity to take part in scientific, economic, administrative, health and social, educational and cultural development overseas. This form of civil volunteering is not managed by CIVI (Special Information Centre responsible for promoting the V.I. Programme) but by the Overseas Ministry.


  • V.I. : French International Internship Programme

    Introduced by law no. 242-2000 of 14 March 2000, the French International Internship Programme took over from the Voluntary National Service. It allows a public or private organization (government or company) to appoint a young man or woman, French or European, to a professional assignment abroad for a term of six to 24 months as needed. 

  • V.I.A. : French International Internship Programme in an Administration

    The V.I.A. contributes, as part of international volunteering, to France's cultural and environmental action and technical, scientific and economic development worldwide. Depending on the type of assignment, V.I.A. comes under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development or the Ministry of the Economy and Industry and Digital Sector.

  • V.I.E. : French International Internship Programme in a Company

    The V.I.E. is one of the forms of civil volunteering contributing more specifically to the international development of French companies. V.I.E. is managed by Business France, by delegation of the Minister for Foreign Trade.

  • V.S.I. : Volunteering for International Solidarity

    Introduced by the decree of 95, it allows international solidarity associations to dispatch volunteers to areas such as education, water management, initiatives against hunger, environmental protection, support of young people and decentralized cooperation. V.S.I. comes under the decree of 95 and not the law introducing civil volunteering. This form of volunteering is not managed by CIVI (Special Information Centre responsible for promoting the V.I. Programme).

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