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The duration of the French International Internship Programme

The duration of the French International Internship Programme 

It is flexible and assignments can last between 6 and 24 months. The current average length of a V.I. assignment (company and administration) is 17 months. The International Internship can not be carried out in several organisations i.e. it must be completed in a single organisation. It should also be noted that applicants may only complete one International Internship.


However, it is possible to extend the assignment once up to a limit of 24 months. Should you wish to extend your assignment, you must contact your managing organisation 1 to 3 months before the end of your assignment. 


International Internships are full-time and therefore it is not possible to carry out any paid work in a public or a private organisation. 


Interns are entitled to take leave i.e. 2.5 working days per month of the assignment. For example: 25 days of leave for 10 months of an assignment. Exceptional leave can be granted for family events in special circumstances (e.g. a birth, wedding of the applicant, etc.). 


It is possible to terminate your assignment as long as you give notice of 3 months and can prove that it is because you have found a job. 


Important! We recommend registering at least 6 months before you are free to leave on an assignment although the time it takes to find an assignment varies (on average 3 to 4 months) and depends entirely on you (e.g. you approach, your methods) and regularly consulting the website will significantly increase your chance of success. 

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