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Return: administrative formalities

 Focus on the administrative formalities to be completed before you return from your assignment.






The end of your assignment is drawing near and the thought of all the paperwork you will have to complete is bringing you out in a rash! Information on the formalities you will have to complete.


For some interns, the excitement about returning home soon gives way to panic!


“The first days back in France were so difficult as I had lots of administrative things to sort out and I wasn’t sure where to go or what to start with,” explains Elisa Dhuvettere who returned from Columbia where she was working as a pricing manager and a business intelligence officer at Air France. Here are a few tips to make your homecoming less stressful.






If, before you went abroad, you were covered by the French social security system, you will be entitled to claim sickness and maternity benefits. This continues for a period of 4 years starting at the end of your assignment. To claim your benefits, visit your local "Caisse Primaire d’Assurance Maladie - C.P.A.M." (French health insurance office) and remember to take your certificate of completion with you.


If you are covered by "Caisse de Sécurité Sociale Etudiant" (French student social security scheme), ask for your file to be transferred to your local health insurance office (C.P.A.M.). “This can take between two and three weeks,” explains a former intern.


What if you were not covered by the French social security system before leaving to do your internship? As soon as you return to France, apply for coverage at your local C.P.A.M. office.


You may also be able to claim "couverture maladie universelle complémentaire" (supplementary universal health coverage). This benefit is means tested and granted for one year; it allows the beneficiary to access complementary health coverage.


If before your departure, you were covered by a foreign health scheme, apply to this office and ask whether they can supply you with a certificate that will allow you to access reciprocal rights in France.





During your assignment, you will not be paying into the state unemployment benefit scheme. Therefore, you are not entitled to claim unemployment benefits when you return to France. Exception: before your departure as an intern, you were registered with the "Pôle Emploi" (job centre) and were entitled to unemployment benefits due to a previous job.


In this case you are entitled to claim any remaining benefits on the condition that you suspended these benefits for the duration of your assignment.


If you were not registered at the job centre before leaving for your internship and the legal deadline has not expired, you can still apply to claim benefits. Visit your local job centre to register; make sure you take your certificate of completion and "Carte Vitale" (French social security card) with you.


If you meet the conditions, you could also claim "Revenu de Solidarité Active" (income support benefit). This is calculated based on your household and your financial resources. To find out if you can claim, visit your local Caisse d’allocations familiales (family benefits office).





This certificate will be required for all administrative formalities in France.


To obtain it you must have your medical certificate and end of mission report; this document is essential if you want to take up a government job or calculate your benefit and pension entitlements.



NB: it is issued for the internship period by Business France for V.I.E. interns and by the French general directorate of the treasury or the French Ministry for Foreign Affairs and International Development (MAEDI) for V.I.A. interns.

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