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Please read this section before your start searching for your assignment

You are registered. At this stage, everything is to play for. It is now up to you to find an assignment and make sure your application is selected by a participating organisation.

Get into the mindset of a job seeker:
Write your CV and cover letter, identify French organisations likely to be interested in your career plan, send off applications, send follow-up letters, etc.
If you obtained your qualification overseas, remember to provide the Ministry of National Education with equivalent proofs.
If you opt for a V.I.E. (company internship), you should target export companies (large and small) as a priority. Your search should be as broad as possible.
If you opt for a V.I.A. (administration internship) and with the exception of very specific cases such as scientist-researcher assignments and International Interns seconded to quasi-public organisations that have signed an agreement with MAEDI (CIRAD, CEA, IRD, etc.), you do not have to complete any special formalities with Ministries in France or overseas embassies and departments; all you have to do is to apply for assignments listed on the CIVI website.
Where should I start?
CIVI publishes a range of valuable resources on its website:
- Advice and tips for developing your career plan
- Assignments offered by French administrative services and companies operating overseas
- FAQs
- The Forum: a place where young people looking for an assignment can share information
If you are 28 years old then don’t wait too long!
Departures are only authorised if you are in your 28th year. The latest your assignment can start is on the day of your 29th birthday.
After this time, it will be too late (no exemptions will be granted).
Important: departures are only possible at age 28 if you were registered on the CIVI website prior to this date i.e. age 27 at the latest!
First, you must be selected by the assigning public or private organisation; remember to take into account the time required to set up the assignment after submitting your assignment request i.e. two months minimum.
Allowance and main residence
The laws governing the French International Internship Programme (in companies) state that when the intern is assigned to the country of his/her main residence, the intern will receive 20% of the total amount of the geographical allowance fixed for this country. 
Applicants applying for international assignments in companies and who already live in the country of the envisaged assignment will be granted a basic allowance and 15% of the geographic allowance (allowance scale). The allowances of these applicants are also subject to income tax in the assignment country.
The authorities in the host country can apply eligibility criteria to both companies and applicants. For example, if your company assignment is in China or the USA, you must take into account the eligibility conditions in these countries.


Interns assigned to China must have a Z Visa in order to obtain a work permit.

Eligibility conditions


All applicants applying for an assignment in China must have:
- at least two years’ professional experience related to the advertised position (i.e. experience gained following graduation);
- and an academic qualification that is equivalent to a Chinese degree (i.e. 3 years higher education)


Interns assigned to the USA must have a J-1 Visa.
Two types of J-1 visas can be granted depending on the applicant's situation at the time of applying:
- the J1 “Intern” Visa issued to V.I.E. applicants pursuing higher education. The maximum duration of this visa is 12 months and is not renewable;
- the J1 “trainee” visa issued to V.I.E. applicants able to prove they have at least one year’s professional experience. The maximum duration of this visa is 18 months and is not renewable.
Eligibility conditions
All “Interns” must be:
- enrolled in a higher education institution
- or have graduated from a similar institution in the 12 months preceding the start of the assignment.
All “Trainees” must prove that:
- they obtained a higher education qualification for the last they course they completed
- they have at least one year’s professional experience in the same field as the assignment
If the intern is unable to meet the first criterion, they will be required to have at five years’ professional experience in the same field as the assignment.
Only qualifications and professional experience obtained outside the USA will be taken into account.
The interns’ level of English will also be evaluated in the procedure.
Any request from an applicant who has already been issued a J-1 “Intern” visa or a “Trainee” visa will be subject to special attention, please see below:
- the coherence of the V.I.E. experience in terms of the applicant’s career path
- compliance with mandatory waiting periods between two J-1 visas, please see below:
        o 3 months between two J-1 “Intern” visas depending on academic progress
        o 2 years between a J-1 “Intern” visa and a J-1 “Trainee” visa
        o 2 years between two J-1 “Trainee” visas
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