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Advantages of hiring a V.I.E. intern for the company: FLEXIBILITY, SIMPLICITY AND ATTRACTIVE FINANCIAL BENEFITS.

Flexible assignment lengths (from 6 to 24 months) renewable once and in line (to the nearest month) with the company’s needs.


The public status of the international intern exempts the company from all contractual relations and social security contributions while ensuring that the intern is protected: the V.I.E. is under the authority of Business France.


Attractive financial benefits:


- that the company can integrate into a COFACE (prospection-insurance policy covering expenditure generated by overseas prospection in the event of commercial failure). 


-  regional and departmental financial assistance schemes intended for SMEs and SMIs (see list of regional schemes) can be accessed.


All administrative and legal management delegated to Business France , which takes care of all tasks related to managing the interns: for example, Business France will arrange the transfer of allowances (paid by the company) as well as providing social welfare insurance coverage for all interns.


Short processing times for dossiers and the possibility to track the progress of your V.I.E. dossier online.


Total control by the company in terms of choosing the International Intern and field of activity.


A good alternative to expatriation and local recruitment.


The possibility to cover a geographic area (up to 8 countries) with a single intern thanks to the regional internship programme.


The possibility to take trips back to France (up to 65 days for a 365-day assignment).

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