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Before your return

The end of your assignment is drawing nearer... All the information your need to know before you return

The end of your assignment is drawing nearer...
Securing a job at the end of your assignment

Interns do not always secure a permanent post at the end of their assignment, therefore you should start thinking about your return to France as soon as possible especially in terms of finding a job. It is also important to bear in mind that as an international intern you are not entitled to claim unemployment benefit.

You should think about your finances e.g. saving some of your allowance. Also don’t forget to include your overseas experience on your CV when searching for a job. Keep your CV updated, highlight the international expereince you gained as an intern e.g. mentioning the fact that it was a real job with real responsibilities. While still in your host country, tell people you are available and start networking.
Certain interns remain in their host country because they are hired by their host company or another company (French, local or foreign) with which they came into contact during their assignment.


Where you are living may be of interest to another intern about to start his/her assignment. Why not share the information on the forum? And don’t forget to think about where you will live when you get back.


At the end of your assignment, you must have a medical check-up performed by a doctor accredited by the embassy. You must complete this before the end of your assignment preferably on the last day or if this is not possible in the preceding week. Any check-ups you have after your assignment has ended will not be paid for by your insurance company. Your insurance coverage ends on the last day of the last month of your assignment. Don’t forget to complete any formalities to obtain social welfare on your return (CPAM [health benefits], ASSEDIC [unemployment benefits], etc.).

End of mission report

Once you have returned, you must submit an end of mission report i.e. an account of your internship experience including the high points and any difficulties you encountered during your assignment. Once completed, the report must be submitted to your managing organisation: Business France for V.I.E.s and MAEDI or the DGTrésor for V.I.A.s.

International Internship Certificate of Completion

Important! The medical certificate and the end of mission report are required by the managing organisation to issue the “International Internship Certificate of Completion”. This document is required to register at the Caisse Primaire d’Assurance Maladie (French health insurance) but also to validate (under certain conditions) the duration of the internship in order to secure a government post, to validate the acquisition of professional experience and to calculate pension rights.

Return booklet

In this booklet, you will find useful information about facilitating your return to France at the end of your assignment.
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