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5 key tips to help you succeed in your interview

To give yourself the very best chance of success, it is a good idea to think carefully about what you will be asked ahead of the interview so that on the big day you can give well thought out answers to your interviewer’s questions.

 Be able to talk about who you are

“Tell me about yourself” is often considered as THE trick interview question and so it really shouldn’t take you by surprise. So, rather than give way to panic, why not consider this question as an opportunity to speak freely for a few minutes i.e. giving the recruiter an image of yourself that you thought about prior to the interview and which includes key events and experiences linked to your career path and your ambitions. You should be in control of the situation and your last sentence may be: “... and this is exactly what brought me here today. “


Be able to explain what you can bring to the company

Your interviewer is more interested in why you decided to apply for this particular assignment than the fact that you graduated top of your year. It is not chance that brought you here or even the prospect of spending one or two years in Brazil but rather the result of a carefully considered career plan and your individual motivation, skills and experience, which, when added together, constitute a real asset in terms of the proposed assignment.


Demonstrate that you know about the company and its environment

You must do everything in your power to convince the recruiter that you can bring real value added to the company or at least to the team you would potentially be joining. To be able to do this, you must have some knowledge of the company, its products and its challenges. There are various resources out there to help you e.g. the press, social networks, the company’s website, online reports as well as your own network.


Demonstrate that you know the country where the assignment will take place

A V.I.E assignment is a professional commitment and not an opportunity to discover a new country. From the outset, the recruiter will expect you to have the language skills required in a professional context as well as experience of the host country or a similar culture. In all cases, you must show that you have a basic understanding of the cultural, economic, political and geographical context of the host country.


Ensure you express yourself clearly and confidently

Whether you are talking about yourself, your skills, the assignment, the company or the country, you must express yourself in a clear and concise manner and not give the impression that you are reeling off answers you have learnt by rote. There is no secret to succeeding: plan your responses and even if you have to write them down initially you must then rehearse - just like an actor - so that you are word perfect on the big day!



Recruitment interview: Be interesting and convincing






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