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Integration Engineer at Sifrap

Age: 27 years old
Masters Degree
"The V.I.E. offered me the opportunity to choose the position that interested me most..."
Following an end-of-studies training course at Airbus, Toulouse, Julien Detellec left for Turkey to carry out a V.I.E. assignment which he completed in September 2013. An experience which enabled him to find his first job in record time!
Why did you decide to take part in the V.I.E. adventure?
I'd always wanted to work in aeronautics, and wished to gain experience in this field; and moreover, at an international level so I could improve my English. It's difficult when you're a young graduate to go abroad, so the V.I.E. formula is extremely interesting. I replied to an offer advertised by Thalès on the Civiweb, then everything happened really quickly. My assignment was based on systems integration (navigation and arms), preparing to convert transport aircraft into surveillance aircraft for the Turkish Navy.
Did your experience measure up to your expectations?
Greatly so! I acquired considerable technical skills as I carried out work on the field. I did roundtrips between the offices in Ankara, which were like big laboratories where the equipment was tested, and the aircraft base, around twenty kilometres away, where we carried out life-size testing. It was this on-hands side that appealed to me, as I wasn't behind my computer programming all the time. On a personal level too, the experience was highly rewarding. I met engineers of many different nationalities and I was able to travel and discover Turkey.
 Professionally-speaking, the V.I.E. was therefore an asset...
Around three weeks before the end of my V.I.E., I posted my CV on job-boards. A lot of people had told me that because of the crisis, finding a job was probably going to be difficult. I was quite surprised then when several companies contacted me. The day after I arrived home, I started going for job interviews, which continued for two weeks. I had positive replies for half of them. So, I had the opportunity to choose the position that interested me most. Today I work for SIFRAP,  which focuses on equipment integration for maritime surveillance.
Sometime during the next 4 or 5 months, I'll be promoted to project leader. The V.I.E. is a real springboard: It helped me gain more responsibility and progress. If I had applied for a job as soon as I had left school, I wouldn't have had as many replies. The experience I acquired and using my English were real advantages. This also showed employers that I could adapt easily to different types of environment and that I was ready and willing to go abroad. I'm currently working on a project for Angola and I'm going out on the field for a few weeks sometime in the next few months. It's really and truly what I was looking for.
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